Hangar Arts Trust Workshop Packages

4 Skills Mixed Circus Workshop:

This workshop is 4 hours long and includes 4 amazing skills of your choice from:

:: Flying Trapeze
:: Hula hoop
:: Static Trapeze
:: Juggling
:: Acrobalance
:: Tightwire

We work on a group ratio of 8 students to 1 trainer.

Please contact us for a quote.

Skills Offered:

The flying trapeze is a form of the trapeze in which a participant jumps from a platform with the trapeze so that gravity makes the trapeze swing. Flying Trapeze is the classic circus art – beautiful, inspirational and frequently breathtaking. It’s all about taking a risk, being in the moment and acting on instinct. At Hangar Arts Trust we fly on a petit volant rig, you will always be wearing a harness and landing on mats.

Level of fitness required:  Medium – A good level of fitness is required but is suitable for beginners

Static Trapeze is our most popular circus skill. Building fitness and strength-training you’ll learn to create mesmerising displays around a bar hung above the ground. The Static Trapeze is an aerial apparatus consisting of a bar hung from ropes. Participants will be taught to climb on and move around the trapeze in many different positions.

Level of fitness required: Medium – We recommend static trapeze for beginners new to circus/aerial skills, to enjoy this activity participants need to be able to hold then own weight when hanging from a bar.

Juggling is a physical skill that consists of throwing and catching of objects, where there are more objects than there are hands (or sometimes other parts of the body) doing the throwing and catching. In this workshop we will be working towards Juggling three balls

Level of Fitness required: Low, at this basic level of juggling it is more of a mental challenge than physical

Hula-hoop is a plastic hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck. In this workshop we will focus on hooping around the waist and learning some dance moves, manipulation as well as hoop throwing and catching.

Level of fitness required: Low – hula hooping can be done at your own pace allowing for all ranges of ability to take part, although if you want to put more into it faster hooping is a good aerobic workout.

Acrobalance consists of partner lifts, hand stand conditioning and group shapes. You will be learning held poses and postures

Level of fitness required: Medium – there are a range of postures and poses so moves can be adapted to fitness level

Tightwire is the art of maintaining balance while walking along a tensioned wire between two points. Using only one’s body to maintain balance.

Level of fitness required:  Low

Who we are

Hangar Arts Trust (HAT) uses the transformational magic of circus to rejuvenate peoples lives. We make circus training and artistic expression available for all ages and all abilities; we use it to help people grow in self esteem, improve fitness, increase quality of life, develop soft skills, learn professional skills, and gain access to exciting meaningful work. Some participants want to make a career in the arts, some have been damaged and need a positive and active ‘family’ to join, some just want to be fit, healthy and sociable. We offer our fully rigged professional space and our trained, professional and respectful expertise to liberate people and communities; we help them meet, play, exercise, train, create productions together, find work and celebrate successes – small and large. We work with our local community to offer them exciting opportunities for personal development and we work with local schools to help them provide a rounded education for their children. We mentor young people to help them work towards a career in the performing arts and we use the learning methodology of a performance to teach enterprise, marketing, sales, catering standards, crowd management, Health & Safety, rigging, and basic First Aid. We make learning and getting fit extremely good fun and practically rewarding. HAT is a place where people are both challenged and cherished – it is about ordinary people helping each other to do extraordinary things.



On Request


Sauna for 45 minutes – £6 per person

 Payment and Cancellation

A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking until this deposit is paid you booking is NOT confirmed.  The Final 50% will be due 4 weeks before the event.

Up to 6 weeks before the event a 20% cancellation fee will be charged, between 6 weeks and 2 weeks 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Less than 2 weeks before the event and the full amount will be due.


Hangar Arts Trust (HAT)
Unit 7a, Mellish House,
Harrington Way,
SE18 5NR
England, UK


By rail
Take the train from London Bridge to Woolwich Dockyard, Walk out of the station and head down the hill to Woolwich Road. Cross at the lights turn left down the hill, keep the wall on your right and turn right into Warspite Road, between Clancy’s pub and Plumbing World. Harrington way is the third (and last) left, we are Unit 7A.

By tube and bus
Take the tube to North Greenwich on the Jubilee Line. Then take either of the buses from Bus Stop A (161 or 472) and get off at the Warspite Road stop, which is immediately after the Holborn College stop. Walk back  to the roundabout that the bus came from and head down Warspite Road the road, between Clancy’s pub and Plumbing World. Harrington way is the third (and last) left, we are Unit 7A.

By car

Drive through the Blackwall Tunnel from the North take the first available slip road off the A12, follow the signs towards to the Thames Barrier or best use the map attached. We have a fair amount of Parking. But be warned that in rush hour the traffic can be bad in the tunnel so leave extra time if possible.

Frequently Asked question

What should I wear?

We suggest that you wear close fitting clothes and layers to protect the skin and to keep warm.  Do not wear shorts with bare skin.  However, you can wear leggings and put shorts on top.  You must not wear jeans as they are not flexible enough to train in and also,

Please note that for all classes. Remove all jewellery and watches before the start of your class.

Where do I put my belongings?

We have shelves on the Mezzanine (where your workshop will take place) you can put your belongings.  The Hangar Arts Trust does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.

How fit do I have to be?

We aim to provide something for everyone so even if you cannot participate in all activities there will be one for you.  This is a taster experience and we do not expect to be able to come with any previous ability. Good upper body strength and body awareness will be advantageous though.

I have an injury?

You will be asked to complete a medical disclaimer form before you start your workshop. Your teachers will then be aware of any injuries or conditions they need to be aware of. If you are in doubt please consult your doctor before you visit with us.